Monday, June 13, 2016

The obtuse blunderbuss, "joe blow" at Jihad Watch comments

In a recent comments thread attached to a Jihad Watch report on the Ontario ghazi -- "Orlando jihadi's coworker complained about him, company did nothing because he was Muslim" -- "joe blow" (aka "Philip Jihadski" in days of yore) trampled in with his obtuse boots when he saw one commenter reasonably post a gripe about "PC" (Political Correctness).

Important note: My most recent nickname at Jihad Watch comments was "Fessitude" -- before I was banned at the behest of the Jihad Watch comments lynch mob (see my essay Au revoir, Jihad Watch, for further details).

So here's the blowhard, "joe blow", weighing in with his obtuse foot in his mouth:

Nope. Sorry to disagree, but that’s the Fessitude Delusion at work.
Agree or disagree with me, but I have another theory.
It’s not PC! People don’t even know what that means, to tell the truth. What, possibly, could be considered “correct” when it comes to politics? The answer is, “nothing”.

No…what’s killing us is simple. It’s Moslems and Islam.
Enough with the supposed PCMC crap.
That’s it and that’s all!

What's amusing about this beet-faced, hamfisted ejaculation is that, as one scrolls down through the remain 70 comments, one finds commenter after commenter ignoring this simple-minded advice from "joe blow" and instead, reasonably complaining about... guess what -- you got it, "PC".

Let's take a gander, shall we? (I have bolded the relevant portions for emphasis.)
    • Time to drop a little Confederate flag into the tricky muslim’s car and turn him in….IF you think they are stalking you and may do you harm.
      Nothing gets you fired faster than a Confederate Flag.
      Just kidding but if some muslim was the somebody doing the stalking thing to me, I would think it was time to move-on FAST. ‘CAUSE nobody on the planet in charge of anything is going to go against a muslim ’cause the news media might call them , OH heaven forbid : a racist , a bigot or a Nazi. OR a REPUBLICAN.
      The police are PC and so are the employers.
  1. And from the PC point of view, now we have a proof that he was simply “unstable” and that has clearly nothing to do with ISIS and even less with the religion of…
    • And if someone would have listen the 50 people would not be dead. The political correctness is the worse that could have happened in this country. Vote TRUMP 2016.
      John Spielman says
      According to the PC police, it’s better to let people be SLAUGHTERED than to be accused of ” islamophobia”
      • Yes, remember what the US’s Military’s top officer General George Casey said after the Fort Hood jihadist massacre, ” And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.”
        13 dead at Fort Hood, but worth if for diversity’s sake. 50 dead in Orlando is unlikely to change our minds since nearly 3000 on 9/11 did not either.
      • Sadly probably not. On comments sections you incredibly still have people blubbering: “b.bbb..but what about the crusades?.bb..bbbut what about Timothy McVeigh….b..bbut there’s violence in the Bible……. ad nauseum. Hopelessly in denial about islam, they’d still be denying it even as one of them had a knife at their throat. I still think even Lara Logan doesn’t get it (the reporter who was violently gang molested in Cairo’s Tahrir Square a while back)
      • Dean says
        • Political correctness let his parents in the country. PC gave him the job. PC gave him a gun license and the special training. PC stopped the FBI probe. PC kept most of is detractors silent. PC prevents any coherent public debate about Islam and the invasion problem. PC focuses the minds of the most likely target like the LGBT community from even thinking about the risk of the invasion and along with the savage religion, PC killed most of these people.
    • I blame the politicians in the US for last night, the San Bernardino incident & Fort Hood both parties NOBODY that believes in Sharia Law nor the Quran should be allowed in the US & I do not care if you was born here The Quran & Sharia Law run counter to the Constitution This slimebag was questioned 3 times by the FBI & permitted to purchase guns same as that creep in California with the Butt ugly Wife This is what happens when PC is allowed to outweigh commonsense both Democrats & Republicans are so scared of offending these Creatures that Decent people get the short end of the stick if you believe in Sharia Law & The Quran GET OUT OF THE US
    • MP says, you are absolutely right, I ask myself every time this savages harm someone in the world, why, why people, political parties and governments allow Muslims to have all types of preferences, why is so much fear of offending muslims? Why?
      notoislam says
      • BHO has been the one to put aside documentation and proof of any threatening Islamic behavior.
        Preventing Robert from instructing any and all about the dangerous ideology of FILTHY ISLAM.
        PREVENTING ALL MILITARY FROM protecting themselves ( Bush’s stupiid rules of engagement)
        Using PC to cover for reporting on Islam -and the Mosques and Imams –it goes on and on and it sickening.

    • Dean says
      • From A to Z the whole story has politically correctness written all over it along with the general ignorance of the public because of the PC oppression of any rational debate about the savage ideology and the savage invasion. The Europeans have been silenced and herded into submission so it is probably too late for them but hopefully things like this and exposure of what is happening over there will wake up Americans before it is too late. The movement propelling Trump and his successful branding of the Islamic/Muslim problem is a late start but may have come soon enough. There is enough history for the military to overcome the leftist’s tinkering with their culture but its extent is alarming.

    • Let us try to get something that ails this nation rethought. Political correctness is a European accommodation because the EU believes that Islam and the many Christian faiths that Europe has neglected, can live in peace together. PC is killing my country, though!
      That “live in peace” is all BS, it can’t happen, not with Islam in the picture. Case in point: Israel & Palestinians. The Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity…..where peace may be secured. If it isn’t for a few feet of land in one place, it’ll be in another, after all Israel is so darned large a territory. Maybe that’s why Palestinians took to digging tunnels, surface land in that neighborhood is so minimal.
      About Palestinians, there’s more: They really don’t want peace, the only thing they know is scheming against Jews, because all the Palis have are orders from the koran against Jews. Other than terrorism, the Palis are a feckless lot. Islam has not even invented a better clothes pin in more than 700 years!
      When they have a medical emergency, who do they go to? I’ll bet it’s Jews they go to for healing. But, Palestinians cannot heal their souls, which are dedicated to stabbing folks in their backs.
      Frankly, there was a time when I really thought they wanted peace and a two-state solution. But, it’s really that they want a one state solution…after Israel is completely destroyed, and I think these Israelis would put up one helluva fight, and that would be too much for Islam, despite its size.

    • Political correctness kills.
      Concluding Thought: 
      What the obtuse "joe blow" doesn't get in his bag-full-of-rocks brain is that when people in the Counter-Jihad complain about "PC" (or my refinement of this, PC MC -- Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism), they are not, of course (which anyone with half a brain can see), directly adverting to the Primary Problem -- Islam -- but rather to the Secondary Problem (what I have called "the Problem of the Problem") -- namely, the persisting myopia in our mainstream West to that Primary Problem of Islam.  And it is this persisting myopia that for 15 years now since 911, has been inadequately dealing with the metastasizing danger of Islam. 

      And that is indeed something to complain about.  But not so, according to the childishly dense and belligerent "joe blow".


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