Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A partial list of my Hesperado essays on the Problem of the Problem

-- the Problem of the Problem being the problem of persisting Western myopia to the problem of Islam.

As my title indicates, this is only a partial list.  I began combing through my archives with the intention of amassing all my essays that analyze this problem (of the problem); but as soon as I began doing it, I realized I have way too many to catalogue in one fell swoop.  Not to mention that there may be more among my overall 1,000+ essays on Hesperado that deal with this issue, but which I'd only know by delving deeper into the text of the essay in question -- which I don't have time to do at present.

Thus, for now, a partial list:

Leftists Are Not Relativists

"Spooks": Counter-every-kind-terrorism-except-Islamic

Excellently crappy television: Oz, The Unit, and 24

PC MC in 1917

Proto-PC MC: Those conservative 1950s!

Quantum Ignorance

Four phases of Western universalism, and the humanity of Muslims

Wildersianism and the "inner Westerner" inside Muslims

When did PC MC begin? More info on that question...

Voegelinians and Islam

He Said, Ed Said

Healthy Multiculturalism, and Unhealthy Multiculturalism

Self-Criticism and the Mother of all Others

PC MC: Neither Left nor Right, but Ambidextrous

The Pretzel Logic of PC MC

Morosophy and the Mother of all Others

Lawrence Auster's First Law of Majority-Minority Relations, and Muslims

Western Amnesia and Islamnesia

Anti-Racism: The primary reason why the West persists in whitewashing the problem of Islam

PC Multiculturalism and non-Western culture

Montaigne: Godfather of PC MC?

The Psychology of PC MC

The Logic of the PC MC Paradigm

The PC MC Paradigm

The Anti-Western Westerner

The Sorta Kinda Anti-Westerner: "Gnosticism Lite"

The Race Factor:  Reality, and political reality

When Did PC MC Begin? Fourth Case Study

Reverse Racism and Islam

No Smoking / No Islam

 One Big Piece of the PC MC Jigsaw Puzzle

When Did PC MC Begin? Third Case Study

When Did PC MC Begin? Second Case Study

When Did Politically Correct Multiculturalism Begin?

The 10 Commandments of PC Multi-Culturalism

"Islamonausea" and PC Multiculturalism

Crypto-Racism and PC Multiculturalism

The PC Filter Decaffeinates Islam

The Problem of the West


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