Friday, September 30, 2016

Viktor Orban interview 9/27

Hungary is a cultured country, a European country with a thousand years of Christian history, and I am one of those who would like to keep it that way. If we let in the uncontrolled migration flow forced on us by Brussels, our county will change. I love my country, and I would like to keep it as it is, with its problems and faults, and with all its virtues.


We want to defend ourselves.

We demand the right, we insist on it and we refuse to lose that right,
Only we Hungarians should be able to say who we want to live with in Hungary and who we do not.
If the Germans feel so differently, and they willingly live together with these people that we do not want, or the French or the Italians, that is their business, but we insist that Hungary has the right to make the decision about who they want to live with. 
But that would mean on long term, we need a defensive migration politics for the whole continent, because Hungary is part of Europe!?
Because Europe is not willing to do this, then Hungary set up a defensive strategy for itself.


Now both you and the Italians are trying to draw attention to the North African area with more or less success. What is the reason of the disinterest of the EU about the millions of migrants massing there? Do the Hungarian Intelligence services know something more than their counterparts?

The partner agencies are well-informed. If the police and intelligence services of Western countries were able to publish the reports they’ve created in the last year, then we would be able to see that the decision-makers were briefed by the professionals, and they were warned about the extreme risks, terror threats and public safety problems caused by uncontrolled and unchecked immigration.
An example via Hungary, too. Here are some facts, provided by our own professionals, clearly showing that mixed in with the migrants who came into Europe through Hungary, were men who later committed serious terror acts there. We could have saved the lives of many European citizens if from the beginning the EU had approved a strict policy of border control. But if we view the facts from the proper angle, then we can see this is not a refugee crisis but a migration. This did not start just now. If you review how the ethnic and religious composition of large Western cities has changed in the last twenty years, you will see it slowly changed, step by step. This migration has been going on for two decades now. It had a quiet period; now it has become loud, over the last year. I think these are just the scouts. The real pressure on Europe is just starting now, from inside Africa, the masses who are waiting there. We know exactly where and how many — crowds of millions — are waiting to travel into the territory of the European Union. This is where the human smugglers are building their businesses.

Yes, this is when your European political colleagues say this is not dangerous, just some change in Europe, while you state that the invasion of Muslim masses is a danger for the future of Europe.
[Interesting that it was only the interviewer who brought up the M word; Orban seems a bit over-careful about avoiding the M and I words]


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