Friday, July 29, 2016

Notes on the "Rabbit Pack".....

One of the members is "Wellington".  He's a rather stiff, stolid, gentlemanly sort, says he's been (or still is) a college teacher in something that may be history; and from his largely intelligent posts, one tends to believe him.  His only faults are two: a stubbornness that on one issue (Deportation) fails to adequately address the argument of his interlocutor, about which I've written many times on my Hesperado blog; and a rather sheeplike acquiescence to the bullying and sophomoric tactics of his colleagues in the Rabbit Pack.

Recently, though, he did show signs of loosening up his stiffness and get along with the gang -- here, with its most notorious and irritating member, Angemon.  After Angemon produced a typical tissue of tortured and specious sophistry in response to a poster named Godless who posted a defense of me (along with generous quotes from me), Wellington, naturally, did not see fit to lift even a little finger of protest or disagreement, but only laughed heartily at one stupid line from Angemon:


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