Friday, February 19, 2016

Daniel Greenfield

Notice Greenfield's snarky reply to my comment (and scroll around see my other comments to his article on FrontPageMag).

If it weren't for a diverse critical mass of non-Leftists throughout the West enabling basically the same result (perhaps sometimes under different assumptions, but all leading to the same exoneration/justification/"explanation" that assumes innumerable multitdes of Muslims are somehow not promoting "extremist" Islam -- *cough cough* Daniel Pipes), the Left would lose traction.
The reason why there apparently is no such critical mass of non-Leftists throughout the West then points to a subtler more complex sociocultural phenomenon than one that locates all significant blame for the Problem of the Problem (the primary Problem being Islam, the secondary Problem being the West's persistent myopia with regard to the primary Problem) on Leftists is a flawed hypothesis.

You're assuming the existence of non-leftists.


Sure, Greenfield's retort is amusing; and one can understand his understandable bitterness with the prevalence of PC MC.  But at the price of a neat punch line, he throws out the proverbial baby with the bathwater.


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