Tuesday, December 01, 2015

The Multifarious Strategy of Jihad

Not only is ISIS not the only danger of violent jihad, but violent jihadists are not the only danger in the broader picture.

Which leads me to Daniel Greenfield's oddly mild description of the Hijra: "Syrian migrants, the vast majority of whom are Sunni Muslim economic migrants, not refugees..." This locution underplays the invasion that is going on -- no less military than a conventional military invasion, but of course, seeming to be non-military. For the Counter-Jihad to think this isn't a military invasion -- just because it doesn't look like any military invasions we know from our own world & history -- they would have to consider most Muslims to be non-soldiers in the Umma. That would be a serious error, reflecting a curiously unimaginative (let alone uninformed) thought process. "Oh, those Muslims look like non-combatants who just wanna have a sandwich, so therefore they are not soldiers because they do not fit the parameters of the only definition of a "soldier" I know..."

Because Mohammedans are unable to mount conventional military invasions, given the astronomic asymmetry between Islam and the West on all levels one could measure parity on, they must pull out every other stop and use a combination platter of a strategy short of conventional military invasion. Well, they could try a conventional military invasion; but it's reasonable to suppose that even Muslims aren't stupid enough not to know that they would be put down in a Constantinopolitan Minute if they did.

So merely perform an elementary thought experiment. If you were a member of a Billion-Man Army that

a) wants to conquer a superior enemy, but
b) can't do it in the conventional manner, and
c) you know that
i) merely terror attacks by themselves, or
ii) taqiyya-dawa-immigration by itself

would not likely suffice to chip away at this vastly superior enemy, what would you do?

You would bring in everything but the kitchen sink (or hell, throw in the kitchen sink too...).  To wit:

Jihad of the Sword -- an ongoing concatenation of terror attacks -- just enough to wear down the psyche of the enemy, but not so many that they wise up and shut you down

Jihad of Criminality -- under the radar of "terrorism" but still having the subliminal effect, along with the Jihad of the Sword, of making us jittery like a battered wife (and even the PC MCs in Denial deep down feel it too; they just manage to suppress the thought crime of letting it rise into their rational consciousness).  Includes not only sexual assaults and rape, but also any other form of criminality, including riots.  A subset of this would be the Jihad of the False Takbir (where Muslims shout "Allahu Akbar" in crowds but don't do anything else, succeeding nevertheless in keeping the Kuffar nervous & jittery -- example here).  Example, the situation in Denmark.

Jihad of the Pen & Mouth (all the various styles & flavors of taqiyya, from public propaganda to interpersonal relations amongst the Infidel populations being infiltrated in various ways)

Jihad of the Feet -- immigration (they must be thanking Allah for how the West has been opening up the gates more and more after 911). This has been going on since the 1960s -- at first it was a slow trickle, then in the 80s and 90s it began to pick up; then after 911, the West didn't do the normal thing and shut off the water, but rather paradoxically & perversely turned the spigot way over to allow a gush of immigration, and kept it going for years as though it were running a nice big, long bubble bath. Then, after the logical devolution of the Arab Spring into the metastasizing train wreck of ISIS, it's like the West took a sledgehammer to the water pipes, or backed up a van to knock over the fire hydrant, or actively pitched in to topple levees to help the veritable Biblical flood of this Mohammedan Katrina devastate our societies.

Jihad of the Womb (increase the number of Muslims through high birth rates within the Dar al-Harb)

Jihad of Lawfare
Example, the case of the Urth Caffe in California.  Another example, see here.

Jihad of the Publicity Stunt
And the award goes to...  Ahmed the Clock Boy.

Jihad of Victimology & Grievance

Jihad of the Phony "Hate Crime" (e.g., see this story among dozens which Jihad Watch and others have documented over the years)

And, perhaps the subtlest Jihad of all:

the Jihad of Just Being Here -- merely settling in, setting down roots, getting jobs, raising families, having sandwiches, walking around in the streets, shopping, going to school, attending college, joining gyms, etc., all non-verbally telegraphing the overall message: "We're here, we are insinuating our threads into your cultural fabric, get used to it."

(Of course, these are all intertwined and I may be making some fine distinctions. Also, there may be more flavors of Jihad that have escaped my mind at the moment...)

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is a dynamic which I notice typically seems to elude many Counter-Jihadists. Apparently, they haven't thought things through. Because the Jihads I listed above that follow the first two -- Jihad of the Sword & Jihad of Criminality -- are all ostensibly non-violent, some in the Counter-Jihad conclude that Muslims are taking over "without a shot being fired" or "taking over without guns and bombs". In fact, what we've seen from the 911 attacks forward right up to today, is that, to put it bluntly, the more that Muslims explode, the more -- not the less -- we bend over to try to respect and accommodate them. This may seem strangely counter-intuitive -- but that's precisely how incoherently irrational Western PC MC is. While it's irrational, it does have its own logic, which I have analyzed at length in dozens of essays on my blog over the years. (For a partial list, see: http://tiny.cc/zn9u6x -- and for the best introduction to this subtopic, see: http://tiny.cc/rp9u6x )

And by now, as intellectually compromised as Muslims may be, they must have noticed this dynamic; they must have noticed that punctuating the West with terror attacks now and then -- and keeping the threat as cracklingly alive as a live wire poised above a bathtub with a baby splashing around in it -- actually facilitates their ongoing stealth jihad.  And vice-versa.  Indeed, this parallel track of violent jihad has been metastasizing (clearly since 911).  The only question is whether its increase has been regulated or moderated according to some principle of, to put it colloquially, "keep getting worse, but don't cross the line" -- where that "line" would not be free of relative subjectivity and a gamble for the Muslim strategists. 


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