Sunday, June 09, 2013

The concept of "najis" in Islam

"most people would not shake her hand because she was a non-beliver and thus called her Najes. Najes in Farsi means unclean which is often associated with non muslims. "

The word is also in the Koran -- Arabic spelling: najis. Specifically, Koran 9:28 says that those practicing Shirk -- i.e., al-Mushrikun -- are "filthy" (najasun).

Shirk in Islam is anything that compromises strict monotheism, which includes Christians believing Jesus is God, or Jews believing Ezra is God (though the Muslims were incorrect on this of course), or even Christians respecting their monks too much.

An Islamic website (whose link I lost), with citations from the sihah ahadith, reports that among things that are najasun (plural of najis, translated variously as "impure" or "filthy") are the following:

human urine and feces
other liquids that come out of private parts (presumably including sperm)
excrement from animals
menstrual blood
dog saliva
dead animals
donkey's flesh
the foul smell that accrues on a long hem of a woman's abaya over time from contact with the dirt
the urine from a breast-fed baby

And these are not merely "dirty" things for physical hygiene -- they directly relate to a Muslim's "purity" during prayer.

Among the list above, for example, we see "menstrual blood" -- and that is why we see these Muslim teenage girls not only segregated from Muslim boys (as is customary in general) but also segregated from the other girls during prayer -- because they happen to be in the process of menstruation. And these prayers religious in nature and offensive to Western liberal tolerance of women in general and particularly during menstruation were occurring in a Toronto school. 

For, after all, according to Sahih Bukhari (the most authoritative collector of ahadith, or "sayings", of Mohammed):

[Mohammed said:] ...Isn't it true that a woman can neither pray nor fast during her menses?" The women replied in the affirmative. He said, "This is the deficiency in her religion." - Sahih Bukhari 1.6.301

Then we have good old Ayatollah al-Sistani, one of the most respected Islamic scholar and clerics of all Shia Islam who, on his official website (, lists things that are najis:

1. Urine
2. Faeces
3. Semen
4. Dead body
5. Blood
6. Dog
7. Pig
8. Kafir [unbeliever -- i.e., non-Muslims]
9. Alcoholic liquors
10. The sweat of an animal who persistently eats najasat [unclean things]."


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