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A Jihad Watch reader kicks Morgaan Sinclair's ass

[Note: the reader of the following transcript from a Jihad Watch comments thread back in May of 2007 will note some interlinear commentary by me in square brackets – not much, mostly near the beginning, as I just noted on publishing this that the transcript I copied back in 2007 differs here and there from the comments field that was allowed to remain on Jihad Watch – no doubt due to Spencer or more likely his editrix “Marisol”]

About Thickie Moron Spamclair [cleaned up by Spencer or more likely Marisol to just “Morgaan” – which, I suppose, is good as it directs those readers unfamiliar with who is being appropriately insulted there…] and her claim that 600 mosques were destroyed in Kosovo , obviously she hasn't even bothered reading the weblink he/she/it gave which supposedly supported her claim.

You didn't bother reading it did you Moron? [This too was airbrushed out of existence by Marisol’s netiquette kit]

It explicitly talks abut 200 mosques damaged. Not 600

As well as being thick you're lazy too [vaporized by Marisol]

As I'd pointed out earlier, nearly ALL the damaged mosques in Kosovo were in areas of heavy KLA terrorist/ Serb security force fighting:

So, thickie [vanished under Marisol’s aerosol], if you claim that the Serbs were on some Genocidal rampage through Kosovo, why did they leave untouched the mosques in NON KLA areas?


Why were mosques in Prizren city, the Gora region and Pristina - one mosque damaged - and eastern Kosovo almost completely untouched?

Even the Albanian historian Mark Krasniqi, in a book he published in 1958 entitled "Kullas in Metohija," described kullas as military forts. That was his finding, a finding of an Albanian historian in a book he published in 1958.

Your heroes, the KLA, used the minoretes and kullas - as admitted by the KVM who saw this happen in Jan 99 - to attack the Serb forces , hence making the mosques a legitimate target.


Too lazy to be arsed reading the first paragraph of your very own weblinks.

Tut tut tut

[The last 3 lines, needless to say, also excized with Marisol’s exacto-knife]

Posted by: ewha1 [TypeKey Profile Page]at May 29, 2007 4:32 AM

One more thing to those who are unaware just who Riedlmayer is and his relationship with Kosovo.
He was a prosecution witness in the Slobo trial. He was no expert in the matters about which he testified. He had no Doctorate in anything , and his MS was in Librarys .

Yes, he's the guy who tells you to shut up.

Anyway , he and his friends went to Kosovo and took some photos of the place. They then used their laypersons' knowledge of explosives to determine how the various buildings were destroyed, etc.

Amateur hour folks.

Now in any case, the prosecution will always , ALWAYS , get in traiend experts in explosives, etc. who are also independent. Except in the Slobo trial ,where it seems Ameteurs rule the roost.
Riedlmayer's the guy who lazy-arsed Moron quoted - WRONGLY - about the number of damaged mosques.

Some history lessons for thickie and lazy-arsed Moron. Tell me , Moron , about the significance of the church in Prizren, the church of the Holy Mother Ljevicka?

I'll give the answer: it was the first mosque that the Albanians made in Kosovo out of a
church .

Originally it was a church turned into a mosque

It's been very common in Kosovo for the Albanians to destroy a church and on it's exact place, to build a mosque.

Something that's been happening recently in Kosovo where Saudi funds are flooding into the area, mosques are shooting up everywhere, and churches are being destroyed.

lazy arsed Moron gets his/her/it's knickers in a twist when mosques are destroyed - because they were used as forts - yet , keeps so quiet about what happened - after NATO forces and the KLA had taken over the running of Kosovo

For example

after the arrival of the German KFOR forces, mined and razed to the ground the St. George site
in Suva Reka from the fourteenth century, once again a world-class site, category 1
or in the territory of the Prizren municipality, also after the arrival of the German forces of KFOR, that they demolished, burnt, mined, and destroyed churches and monasteries of St. Mark and the Holy Virgin dated back to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Sveti Ilija, Sveti Nikola, Sveta Petka, Sveti Jovan in Ljubiste, that is the sixteenth century, Sveti Vasilije The Great in Srbica, and St. Nicholas in the town of Prizren, dating back to the fourteenth century.


that the Albanian terrorists, after the arrival of the French KFOR forces in mid-August 1999, demolished, burnt, and mined the church of St. George in Rudnik, which is Srbica, dating back to the sixteenth century?


after the arrival of the Italian forces of KFOR in July 1999 demolished, burnt, and mined the
church of the Virgin Mary in Dolac, St. Nikola in Kijev [as interpreted}, dating back to the fourteenth century, and once again the St. Nicholas church in Cabici, sixteenth century, near Klina? These are all world-site, category monuments and sites.


after the arrival of the British units of KFOR in June 1999, demolished and on the 17th of July
1999 mined and destroyed the church in Slovenia, which is the Lipljan municipality? It is the St. Nicholas church dating back to the sixteenth

Under the wonderful auspices of KFOR, in the period from June to September 99, a three-month period, 80 churches were destroyed

One last thing , Moron . If the KLA are such Atheists and so nonreligious, why was the entire Pristina Jewish population torched out of their homes?

All of them.


Posted by: ewha1 [TypeKey Profile Page]at May 29, 2007 5:10 AM

From rnath_verma

"The Muslims threw stones from inside the mosques as if there are stone quarries inside the mosques, on the law enforcement agencies who were deployed"


as if there are stone quarries inside the mosques

I had to laugh.

Posted by: ewha1 [TypeKey Profile Page]at May 29, 2007 5:43 AM

The reason why it was just sooooo funny , was I'd read so many similar cases in the Kosovo nonsense.
So - as with the Indian muslims - the mosques are such untouchable , sacrosanct , religious symbols , yet they're not averse to using them as a quarry and to pelt policemen with them too .

Same with the Kosovo Albanians who flooded across the border when the Serbs were supposedly gunning them down in their 1,000s .

The lies , lies , lies.

An the brazenness and shamelessness of it all - as with the quarry-cum-mosque incident in India .

Let your mind wander back to 1999 , when the evil and ruthless Serb forces were killing anything that was a Kosovo Albanain , on the Macedonian side of the border, was a doctor, a DOBRE ALEKSOVSKI. Not as qualified as a librarian such as Riedlmayer , natch , but all the same , I'm sure he'd say he was literate.

He was in charge of the Macedonian medical teams that helped bandage the many 1,000s of wounded Kosovo Albanians who somehow managed to survives the Genocidal intentions of the evil and blood thirsty Serb forces.

Let the good doc himself explain the kind of carnage he witnessed from the Kosovo Albanian refugees.

For all those of a weak disposition, maybe you shouldn't read the extract. My, the Serb forces were the devil reincarnate.

Here's the webpage.
Page 36843

JUDGE ROBINSON Doctor, there was a reference in your testimony just now to some of them being injured. What kind of injuries did they have?

DOBRE ALEKSOVSKI Yes, I understand. There were some wounded people, not many. I think nine, nine injuries. Yes. There were fractures and wounds in the total number of 14 , including fractures, injuries, and wounds. We paid special attention to such cases, because every injury is treated seriously. There were lacerations on fingers; we had one person who had a gunshot wound in the stomach, but that's the condition the man arrived in, and he later had surgery. Since his wound was serious, we transported him to the hospital.

JUDGE ROBINSON Did you ascertain how the gunshot wound was sustained? How was it inflicted?

DOBRE ALEKSOVSKI We were not able to establish that. All we knew was that it was a serious wound, but that's the condition that he arrived in from Kosovo. He had already had one surgery in Kosovo, and he received another surgery in Macedonia. He, when he arrived, was rather aggressive. He was armed with a pistol, and he was difficult to deal with.

MR. MILOSEVIC Doctor, the person who had a gunshot wound, before arriving in Macedonia, if I understood you correctly, he already had one surgery.

DOBRE ALEKSOVSKI Yes. It was an old wound, but it needed bandaging and further treatment, and that's why we hospitalised him

SLOBO [Milosevic] Let's clarify this so we can move on. Among those thousands of cases, did you have another gunshot wound?

DOBRE ALEKSOVSKI No, apart from this one case I told you about, because if that wound had been fresh, as we call it, it would still be bleeding, and of all the medical supplies we had, the least expenditure was of bandages, whereas bandages would have been the most necessary in dealing with gunshot wounds. We had hundreds of people presenting more trivial problems, such as dislocations of joints, et cetera.

JUDGE ROBINSON Do I understand you to say, then, that of the thousands of refugees, just a very small number had injuries?

DOBRE ALEKSOVSKI I gave you the exact number; 14

JUDGE ROBINSON: Fourteen, yes. Okay. Just -- just another question. You told us of one with a gunshot wound. Were you able to ascertain how the other injuries, the other 13, were sustained? Tell us what the injuries were and how they were sustained.

DOBRE ALEKSOVSKI There were fractures, but not open fractures. There were fractures that we knew about from the stories of patients. A patient would tell us that he had a fracture, and he presented only bruises, and we would mark in our papers "suspected fracture." So we would send him to an x-ray, which could not be done in the field, of course. We would send him to the x-ray machine back in town.

Yes, read it weep , fragrance , lovely and innocent Morgaan ( I do hope i've got the number of "a"'s correct in your enigmatic , delectable name ) . Of all the 1,000's and 1,000's of refugees who entered Macedonia, 14 had injuries.

Or as Slobo [Milosevic] put it on page 36839

Slobo Mr. Robinson, the entire Kosovo indictment deals with, as it says, that the Serb forces of the army of Yugoslavia and the police violently expelled, forcibly expelled Albanians from Kosovo, that they shot at them, that they beat them up, et cetera, et cetera. Therefore, it is assumed that that portion of the population that might have been injured, that is those people who asked for medical assistance, must have been or would have to have left some traces and have traces on them of either gunshot wounds or beatings. So we're dealing with this assertion that there was violence committed against Albanian citizens for them to be expelled from Kosovo.

So of those 100.000, not many called in for medical assistance, just those who needed it, who were ill in any way, and now we can see what they were suffering from, what their illnesses were or anything else. So this is important testimony, because if among those 100.000, you take a look at the register and you don't have anybody there who was injured or wounded through firearms or knives or anything, and if we don't have any people who were beaten up, then that shows us that the assertion is incorrect; that they were expelled under force of arms, violence, and so on and that that was the reason that they had to leave Kosovo.

So it's a very important question, an important issue. If we look at paragraph 59, it says in addition thousands of Kosovo Albanians who fled their homes and were thereby forcibly transferred as a result of the conduct of the forces of the FRY and Serbia and the deliberate climate of terror that pervaded the territory, et cetera, et cetera. There you have it.

14 injuries out of 100,000

Not even Compton on a Friday evening.

And those injuries hadn't even been caused by the evil Serb forces either.

Back to you fragrant, lovely, hard working and wise Morgaan.

Posted by: ewha1 [TypeKey Profile Page]at May 29, 2007 6:53 AM


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