Thursday, August 25, 2011

The reasoning behind why the "War of Ideas" must be through civil persuasion, not Civil War

The Problem:

Fact #1: The modern West is now (and has been for decades) whitewashing Islam and in the process enabling dangerous Muslims to become more lethal to our societies.

Fact #2: The lethal danger of Muslims pursuing their Islam is metastasizing.

Premise #1: The reason why the modern West is doing this is not because the modern West is a) evil, or b) stupid -- it is because the modern West has developed a worldview over the past half century that reflects an elaborate deformation of good Western virtues, which include respect for the other, and self criticism.

These two virtues are good -- but not when taken to irrational excess, such that our societies end up, with surreal irony in the very name of those virtues, effectively enabling and defending violent and hateful enemies of human rights (i.e., Muslims following Islam) while simultaneously crippling our ability to protect ourselves from them.

Premise #2: Most modern Westerners are relatively good, decent and intelligent people, because the modern West is, relatively, the healthiest collection of polities in all world history -- not just by a slight margin, but stupendously so.

Premise #3:
Given our first two premises, the best way to proceed, given our two problems -- the Problem of Islam, and the Problem of Western Myopia to the Problem of Islam -- is through persuasion and education of our fellow Westerners who remain stubbornly stuck in the Box of PC MC.


Such persuasion and education desperately requires an Anti-Islam Manual as its central guiding template.


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