Saturday, June 25, 2011

Reply to Sagunto


I don't conclude anything about Dutch people or Western people; I surmise what seems the more plausible.

Given three facts --

1. The West sociopolitically is (relatively) free and representative

2. No signs of a statistical representation of a purported majority of people demonstrating their anti-Islam position has appeared yet. If the supposition is a vast majority, that means literally hundreds of millions of Western people from Australia to Canada and everywhere between. A sufficient demonstration reflecting that supposition would entail at the very least a few events numbering no less than one million having occurred long ago, for starters.

3. The West's representatives (in politics, academe, journalism, pop culture, the arts) of its peoples are vastly dominated by PC MC --

-- what does one conclude about the majority of Western people?

If one believes the majority of Western people (if not, indeed, the vast majority) are not PC MC about Islam, one has to adjust the first two facts: thus are trotted out various explanations -- one being a kind of post-modern sociological cynicism about people in general being more orless sheep easily led by the nose; or lazy and virtually paralyzed by inertia and materialistic divertissements; etc. Or, if one wants to retain some respect and dignity for the Common Man, we explain their nearly universal silence on the nefarious power of the Elites who are able to muzzle the Common Man somehow and not let him have his say or influence (and thus the West is crypto-totalitarian, or somehow not yet but nevertheless always approaching it more and more in a having-your-cake-and-eating-it-too way -- as in that glib mantra "our freedoms are being eroded".

Rather than go through all these elaborate maneuvers, I prefer just to look at facts 1-2-3,use the Baron's Occam's Razor, and conclude that most people are PC MC about Islam.

(I do sense that the small minority of Western non-PC MC people is slowly growing, but still at a snail's pace.)


Blogger Sagunto said...

Conclusions from a representative survey among the Dutch population:

"Over moslims wordt nog veel negatiever gedacht dan over allochtonen. Zo'n beetje 50% van de Nederlanders heeft een afkeer van moslims. Ze zijn bang voor de invloed van de islam op de Nederlandse samenleving. Volgens 43% staat de islam niet voor vrede en 66% van de ondervraagden vindt deze religie onverenigbaar met het moderne leven in Europa."


"Opinions pertaining to Muslims are even more negative than those about foreigners. About 50% express a strong dislike of Muslims, they are afraid of Islam's influence on Dutch society. According to 43%, Islam does not stand for peace, and 66% of the respondents think that this religion is irreconcilable with modern life in Europe."


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Blogger Hesperado said...


1) Who did the survey? What were their methods?

2) If 50% (or 66%) feel that way, why isn't the party of Wilders the #1 party and why isn't he Prime Minister by now and why aren't at least 50% (or 66%) of ministers in Dutch government anti-Islam?

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